Friday, April 7, 2017

Room 9 news

Room 9 make the most of our learning time, whether it is maths, reading, writing or key competencies.  Christine has a saying she taught us - bell to bell learning and we certainly work hard during the day.

In maths time we sometimes do rich tasks where we are given a problem and have to find ways to solve it.
We found lots of different ways to share the dinosaur eggs equally between their nests.
Practising writing our numbers correctly is important.

 For the past two weeks Room 9 have hosted Syndicate meetings.  On Mondays and Fridays the Pohutukawa classrooms get together for Wa Whanau and last Thursday we had our assembly.  Here are some of our leaders from the past two weeks demonstrating their public speaking skills.

We also feel proud when we receive certificates for our hard work.  Ka Pai to the superstars this week.

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