Monday, June 5, 2017

Science Fair: What colour seeds will birds like the most?

In Room 9 we are taking on the challenge to carry out a science experiment making sure we carry out a fair test.  We want to attract as many birds to our new Sensory Garden (and the school) as possible.

What better way to attract them by putting out some sunflower seeds.  But we want to know if the birds are attracted to seeds that are different colours.  And if so, what colour do they like the best?

Our first job was to decide what colours we will have for our experiment.  With our Inquiry buddies we came up with our choices and the reason for that choice.

We presented our ideas to the rest of the class and uploaded our recordings onto Seesaw.
The winning three choices were blue, yellow and brown.

To see our results you can come along to the NCS Science Fair in Week 9 of term.

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