Friday, November 17, 2017

Saving the Native Birds with Rick

What a great experience we had when Rick and Cat from the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary came to Nelson Central School.  We learned of the wonderful work they are doing to protect New Zealand's native birds.  We saw stoat traps 'in action' and heard about the big fence that is keeping out the pests.  We learned how 26 million birds die in New Zealand from rats, stoats, possums and cats, among other predators.

To help to protect these special creatures Rick arranged for us to make bird houses, courtesy of Mitre 10 Mega.  We worked so well together, cooperating with each other and being good team members to create amazing, safe bird houses.  These will be put up in the school grounds and in the nearby community to encourage our birds to nest locally.

Thanks to Rick and Cat as well as our wonderful adults who gave us a hand to create these safe havens.  Check out the photos on this link - we had an amazing time!

Protecting our Native NZ Birds on PhotoPeach

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