Friday, August 18, 2017

Room 9's Suter Trip was amazing

The exhibition called Tamatea is a celebration of art and conservation in Dusky Sound.  In the deep south, Dusky Sound is one of New Zealand's most precious, remote areas and DOC has a vision for it to become one of the most intact ecosystems on Earth.

26 artists were invited to discover Tamatea for themselves and, through art, connect people with this special area.  Room 9 students enjoyed making a visual diary, sketching things they saw in this artwork.

Esther took the students through the printmaking process in the Suter Art Gallery's classroom.   There, the children created art representing the wonderful places we need to protect.  Thank you to all the parents who came along to help us on this trip.  Check out our video and remember, the Suter is "our place" so visit it when you get a chance over the weekend.

Tamatea, the Dusky Sound from Kathryn Robertson on Vimeo.

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