Saturday, August 5, 2017

Science theme for fun day Friday

Last Friday Room 9 carried out some science experiments.  We observed "mooving milk" and "walking water".  

Our walking water predictions were proved correct when the kitchen paper absorbed the primary coloured water and mixed together to make secondary colours.  We found it interesting that the level of water went down in the original cups and every cup ended up holding about the same amount of water.

Mooving Milk
We were fascinated with the beautiful patterns that were created when we dropped a little bit of washing up liquid into a bowl of milk.  We were left wondering what it was in the washing up liquid that could make the milk do that.

We believe Room 9 students have very inquisitive minds!

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  1. I kept seeing lots of interesting things going when I walked past your Room on Friday. Now I know what it was all about. What exciting and fun learning you have been up to. Tracy