Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We really enjoyed displaying our science experiment for the rest of the school to see.  We did amazing art work and the log books were a great reflection of our learning.  The feedback we received from the experts was very pleasing after all our hard work.

"Your presentation is excellent with the mix of text and art.  I really like the question and the precision of your method.  The bird feeders are well made and I like the way they are colour matched.  As with many science investigations often the results can be inconclusive.  I wonder if you may be able to repeat to see if a longer time helps with a conclusive result.  Well done, Christine."

Our Science Board will be on display for you to see at the Student Led Conferences next Wednesday.  You will be able to hear first hand from your child about the process we went through.

The other classrooms in Pohutukawa did a great job as well.  Here are their boards.
 Room 11 - How disposable are plates?
 Room 12 - Are birds attracted to one colour food bowl and water?
Room 12A - What is the best string telephone?

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